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5-8: FIFA Women's World Cup, Round of 16 (International)

11-12: FIFA Women's World Cup, Quarter-finals (International)

13: Scottish Women's Premier League 1, Kick off (Scotland)

15-16: FIFA Women's World Cup, Semi-finals (International)

19: FIFA Women's World Cup, Bronze game (International)
20: FIFA Women's World Cup, Final (International)
23 & 26: The Women's Cup 2023 (International)
25: Lotto Super League, 2023/24 Season Kick off (Belgium)
25: Kvindeliga, 2023/24 Season Kick off (Denmark)
26: AXA Women's Super League, 2023/24 Season Kick off (Switzerland)
26: Women's Championship, 2023/24 Season
 Kick off (England)

26: Frauen Bundesliga, 2023/24 Season Kick off (Austria)

27: Brasileiro Feminino A1, 2023 Season, Semi-finals Leg 1 (Brazil)

28: NCAA Division 1, 2023 Season, Kick Off (USA)

28 & 31: AMOS Women's French Cup 2023 (International)

29-30: NM Kvinner Cup, Quarter-finals (Norway)

Club Friendlies, Women (International)




EDITION: The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup will be the ninth edition

HOSTS: Australia and New Zealand (first women's edition to have more than one host nation)

DATES: To take place from 20 July to 20 August 2023

TEAMS: 32 teams from six confederations (for the first time 32, an expansion from the previous 24 teams)

OPENING GAME: New Zealand vs Norway at Eden Park, Auckland, on 20 July 2023

FINAL: 20 August 2023 at Sydney Olympic Stadium in Australia

DEFENDING CHAMPIONS: United States (won the previous two tournaments, 2015 and 2019

PRIZE MONEY:  Total prize pool is $110 million, $80 million more than the prize pool of the previous tournament in 2019

FORMAT: Group stage consisting of eight groups of four teams. The top two teams progressing from each group to a knockout tournament starting with Round of 16 matches

MATCHES: 64 (increase from 52)


  • Group A 

    • ​New Zealand

    • Norway

    • Philippines

    • Switzerland

  • Group B

    • Australia​

    • Republic of Ireland

    • Nigeria

    • Canada

  • Group C

    • Spain​

    • Costa Rica

    • Zambia

    • Japan

  • Group D

    • England​

    • Haiti

    • Denmark

    • China

  • Group E

    • United States​

    • Vietnam

    • Netherlands

    • Portugal

  • Group F

    • France​

    • Jamaica

    • Brazil

    • Panama

  • Group G

    • Sweden​

    • South Africa

    • Italy

    • Argentina

  • Group H

    • Germany​

    • Morocco

    • Colombia

    • South Korea


  • Sydney

    • Stadium Australia - Capacity: 83,500

    • Sydney Football Stadium - Capacity: 42,512

  • Brisbane

    • Lang Park - Capacity: 52,263

  • Melbourne

    • Melbourne Rectangular Stadium - Capacity: 30,052

  • Perth

    • Perth Rectangular Stadium - Capacity: 22,225

  • Adelaide

    • Hindmarsh Stadium - Capacity: 18,435


  • Auckland    

    • Eden Park - Capacity: 48,276

  • Wellington

    • Wellington Regional Stadium - Capacity: 39,000

  • Dunedin    

    • Forsyth Barr Stadium - Capacity: 28,744

  • Hamilton

    • Waikato Stadium - Capacity: 25,111



OFFICIAL SONG: "Do It Again", by BENEE and Mallrat (local artists)

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SWPL 1 - Highest league of women's football in Scotland

Founded: 2002

Current champion 2022-23: Glasgow City (16th title)

Most championships: Glasgow City (16 titles)

2023-24 Season dates: 13 August 2023 to 3 May 2024

Teams: 12

Format: Each team will play each other two times in a double round-robin before a "split", then another double round-robin of the top six and bottom six clubs respectively. 

Relegation / Promotion: The 11th-placed team will play qualification in the SWPL1 relegation/promotion play-off against the runners-up from SWPL 2. The bottom placed team (12th) will be relegated to the SWPL 2.

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: Top two clubs

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2023 DATES: 23 & 26 August


2023 TEAMS

  1. Atlético de Madrid Femenino (Spain)

  2. AC Milan Femminile (Italy)

  3. América de Cali Femenino (Colombia)

  4. River Plate Femenino (Argentina)


  • 23 August

    • Semifinal 1: ​AC Milan vs América de Cali 16:00 GMT

    • Semifinal 2: Atlético Madrid vs River Plate 19:00 GMT

  • 26 August

    • 3rd & 4th place match: 16:00 GMT

    • Final: 19:00 GMT


Madrid, Spain (first edition in Europe)

Venue: Centro Deportivo Wanda Alcalá de Henares


OL Reign

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Highest league of women's football in Denmark

Founded: 1973

League sponsor: Gjensidige

Dates 2023/24 Season:

Autumn season: 25 August - 16 December 2023

Spring season: Pending

Teams: 8

Match rounds Fall season: 14 

Total matches Fall season: 56

Format - Fall season:

Each team meet each other twice, in total 14 match rounds, the top six teams advance to the Championship Round and bottom two teams to Relegation/Qualifying Round, which are played in the spring. 


Format - Spring season:  

The six teams qualified to the Championship Round bring the points from their Fall season with them. All teams meet each other twice (home / away) and the team with the most points is chosen as champion. 

In the Relegation/Qualifying Round, which also takes place in the spring, the two teams face the two top placed teams from Group 1/East and Group 2/West, from the 1st division (Kvinde 1. division). Thus, they form a pool of six teams, from which the two top placed teams qualify for the Kvindeliga, the season after. The remaining four teams that did not qualify will en up in Kvinde 1. division, the following season.

The qualifying round

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: Top two teams


Current champions 2022-23: HB Køge (3rd title)

Most championships: Brøndby IF (12 titles)

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Highest league of women's football in Belgium

Founded: 1973

  • 1973-2012 as Belgian Women's First Division: The top league until 2011–12, now Belgian Women's First Division is the second highest women's league.

  • 2012-2015 as BeNe League: A joint league for Belgium and the Netherlands

  • 2015-present as Super League

League sponsor: Scooore

Current champion 2022/23: RSC Anderlecht  (6th title)

Most championships: Standard de Liège (20 titles - incl. 1 as St-Nicolas FC Liège)

2023/24 Regular season dates: 25 August - 9 March

Teams: 10

The championship consists of a "regular" competition of 18 matchdays. Two more Play-offs will follow after this regular season .
- Play-off 1 is played between No.1 to No.6 in the final standings of the regular championship.
- Play-off 2 is played between the No.7 to No.10 in the final standings of the regular championship.

* In Play-off 1, the six teams play a competition of ten games, five away, five at home. The number of points obtained after the regular competition is halved, possibly rounded up by half a point.
* In Play-off 2 , the five teams (7th to 10th) play a competition of eight games. Here too, the points achieved from the regular competition are first halved, possibly rounded up by half a point.

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: The league champions

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Highest league of women's football in Switzerland

Founded: 1970

  • 1970 (as Nationalliga A)

  • 2020 (as Super League)

League sponsor: AXA

Current champions 2022/23: FC Zürich Frauen (24th title)

Most championships: FC Zürich Frauen (24 titles)

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Second highest league of women's football in England

Founded: 2014 - Replaced Premier League National as level 2 women's football division

League sponsor: Barclays

Current champion 2022-23: Bristol City (1st title)

Most championships: Bristol City, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Sunderland, Reading, Yeovil Town, Doncaster Rovers Belles, Manchester United, Leicester City (1 title each)

2022-23 Top scorer: Melissa Johnson (12 goals)

2023-24 Season dates: 26 August 2023 - 28 April 2024

Teams: 12

Rounds: 22

Total matches: 132

Format: Each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 22 games. 

At the end of each season, the club with the most points is crowned the champion. If points are equal between teams, what determines the winner is:

  1. Goal difference

  2. Number of goals scored

Relegation / Promotion: The winner will promote to Women's Super League and the bottom one club will be relegated to FA National League.

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Highest league of women's football in Austria

Founded: 1973

League sponsor:  Admiral

Current champions 2022-23: SKN St. Pölten (8th title)

Most championships: 

  • USC Landhaus Wien (12 titles)

  • SV Neulengbach (12 titles)

2023-24 Season dates: 26 August 2023 - 2 June 2024

Teams: 10

Match rounds: 18

Total matches: 90


Each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents. At the end of each season, the club with the most points is crowned champion. 

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: The champions

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"Brasileirão Feminino A1" - Highest league of women's football in Brazil

Founded: 2013

Teams: 16

2023 Regular Season: 24 February - 11 June

2023 Playoffs: 16 June - 17 September

Match rounds: 15

Total matches: 134 (120 +14 playoff games)

2023 Playoffs: Top eight teams from regular season.

Quarter-finals - home and away game for each team. Same goes for semi-finals and the final.

 In the quarter-finals 1st placed team from regular season will play 8th placed team, 2nd play 7th, 3rd vs 6th and 4th vs 5th.​

Promotion: Top four from Brasileiro A2

Relegation: Bottom four to Brasileiro A2

Current champions: Corinthians (4th title)

2022 Top scorer: Cristiane (13 goals)

Most championships: Corinthians (4 titles)

Qualification to Copa Libertadores: 3 spots (2023 edition)

  1. The Brasileiro champions

  2. The top five ranked countries (according to the historical achievements of the clubs in the Copa Libertadores) receive another spot (Brazil is one of them)

  3. The country of the team which is the recent champions also receive another spot (Palmeiras won 2022)

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NCAA D1 = The NCAA Division I Championship, also known as the Women's College Cup, is an American college soccer tournament conducted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Founded: 1982

2023 Regular season dates: 28 August - 4 November

2023 NCAA Championship: November (Play-off)

2023 College Cup: 1-4 December (The tournament's semifinals and final)

Current champions 2022: UCLA Bruins (2nd title)

Most championships: North Carolina Tar Heels (21 titles)

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A friendly women's inter-club football competition, usually played between four European clubs as a pre-season preparation



6th edition (first edition in 2017=


2023 DATES: 28 & 31 August


2023 TEAMS

  1. Atlético de Madrid Femenino (Spain)

  2. AC Milan Femminile (Italy)

  3. Liverpool FC (England)

  4. Paris Saint-Germain (France)


  • 28 August

    • Semifinal 1: ​Atlético Madrid vs AC Milan16:00 GMT

    • Semifinal 2: Paris Saint-Germain vs Liverpool FC 19:00 GMT

  • 31 August

    • 3rd & 4th place match: 16:00 GMT

    • Final: 19:00 GMT

2023 VENUE

Stade Michel-Bendichou in Colomiers, France


2017 - Montpellier HSC

2018 - Arsenal

2019 - Montpellier HSC

2021 - Bayern Munich

2022 - Bayern Munich

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NM kvinner is the Norwegian Women's Cup

Founded: 1978

2023 Season Format:

  • Round 1: 31 March - 3 May

  • Round 2: 11-31 May

  • Round 3: 21 June

  • Quarterfinals: 29-30 August

  • Semifinals: 30 September

  • Final: 26 November

Current champion - 2022: SK Brann (2nd title)


Most successful club: Trondheims-Ørn (8 titles)

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