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The top women's football league in Finland

Founded: 1974

  • 2020-present (as Kansallinen Liiga)

  • 2006-2019 (as Naisten Liiga)

  • 1974-2005 (as Naisten SM-sarja)

League sponsor: Subway

2024 Regular Season: 12 April - 31 August

(after that a Championship / Relegation round awaits)

Teams: 10

Format: First a regular season is played, a double series where all teams face each other twice (home / away). After the regular season the top 6 clubs compete in a Championship round which will determine the league champions. The bottom 4 clubs from the regular season will play in a Relegation Round where the the club that ends up 10th placed after the whole series, will relegate to Naisten Ykkönen and the 9th placed team will play a play-off with the Naisten Ykkönen runners-up.

Subsequent series (Championship / Relegation rounds) are played according to and with the points obtained from the regular season.

Match rounds regular season: 18


UWCL Qualification: The league champions

Relegation: 10th placed team relegate to Naisten Ykkönen. 9th placed team play a play-off with the Naisten Ykkönen runners-up.

Promotion: 1st team from Naisten Ykkönen promote. The runners-up in Naisten Ykkönen will play play-off with the Kansallinen Liiga 9th placed team.


Current champions 2023: KuPS

2023 Top scorer: Lotta Lindström (17 goals)


Most championships: HJK (23 titles)

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