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1-4: FIFA Women's International Window incl. Women's International Friendlies - TV GUIDE >>

4: UEFA Women's Euro 2025 Qualifying (International) - TV GUIDE >>

7-9: National Women's Soccer League - Matchday 12 (United States) - TV GUIDE >>

8: OBOS Damallsvenskan: Stockholm derby: Djurgården vs AIK (Sweden) - TV GUIDE >>

8-9: Kvindeliga - Penultimate round, title race still on (Denmark) - TV GUIDE >>

9: OBOS Damallsvenskan: Top game: Kristianstads DFF vs BK Häcken (Sweden) - TV GUIDE >>

9: Liga F - A third Champions League spot still at stake (Spain) - TV GUIDE >>

14-16: National Women's Soccer League - Matchday 13 (United States) - TV GUIDE >>

14-16: Liga F - Season Conclusion (Spain) - TV GUIDE >>

15: Kvindeliga - Season Conclusion (Denmark) - TV GUIDE >>

15: Toppserien - Top game: Vålerenga vs SK Brann (Norway) - TV GUIDE >>

21-23: National Women's Soccer League - Matchday 14 (United States) - TV GUIDE >>

22: Toppserien - Top-of-the-table clash: Rosenborg vs Vålerenga (Norway) - TV GUIDE >>

23: OBOS Damallsvenskan: Stockholm derby: AIK vs Hammarby (Sweden) - TV GUIDE >>

28-30: National Women's Soccer League - Matchday 15 (United States) - TV GUIDE >>

30: OBOS Damallsvenskan: Top game: BK Häcken vs Kristianstads DFF (Sweden) - TV GUIDE >>

Throughout the month: Women's Club Friendly Games (International) - TV GUIDE >>



The UEFA Women's Euro 2025 qualifying competition will determine the 15 teams joining host Switzerland in the final tournament. It comprises a league stage and final tournament play-offs, following the conclusion of the 2023–24 Women's Nations League in April 2024.


Teams are split into three leagues:

  1. A (16 teams)

  2. B (16 teams)

  3. C (19 teams)

Each team's position is based on the previous UEFA Women's Nations League results.

LEAGUE A (incl. ranking)

1 Netherlands

2 Spain

3 France

4 Germany

5 Italy

6 Denmark

7 England

8 Austria

9 Norway

10 Belgium

11 Sweden

12 Iceland

13 Finland

14 Czech Republic

15 Republic of Ireland

16 Poland

LEAGUE B (incl. ranking)

17 Switzerland

18 Scotland

19 Portugal

20 Wales

21 Hungary

22 Serbia

23 Bosnia and Herzegovina

24 Croatia

25 Turkey

26 Slovakia

27 Northern Ireland

28 Ukraine

29 Azerbaijan

30 Israel

31 Malta

32 Kosovo

LEAGUE C (incl. ranking)​

33 Belarus

34 Slovenia

35 Greece

36 Romania

37 Albania

38 Lithuania

39 Latvia

40 Montenegro

41 Bulgaria

42 Estonia

43 Cyprus

44 North Macedonia

45 Andorra

46 Kazakhstan

47 Luxembourg

48 Georgia

49 Moldova

50 Faroe Islands

51 Armenia

Matches are played over six matchdays, with teams competing in groups of four or three.


The primary goals are Euro 2025 qualification and positioning for the 2025–26 UEFA Women's Nations League. The top two teams in each League A group qualify directly for Euro 2025, while the remaining spots are decided through play-offs in October to December 2024.


Promotion and relegation occur before the 2025–26 UEFA Women's Nations League but don't affect Euro 2025 play-offs. Teams are promoted or relegated based on league performance.


All 55 UEFA national teams could submit entries by March 23, 2023. However, Russia was barred due to a suspension, while Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, and San Marino didn't participate. Teams were divided into leagues based on overall rankings and promotion/relegation matches.


The schedule includes the qualifying group stage from April to July 2024 and play-offs in October and December 2024. The play-offs determine the final seven teams for the tournament and involve two rounds of knockout matches.


In the first round, teams from League A and B compete, with winners advancing to the second round. Switzerland, as hosts in League B, skip the play-offs, and if they finish in the top three places, the best-ranked fourth-placed team from League B qualifies.


The second round sees the winners from both paths compete, with seven teams advancing to the final tournament. Matches are played home and away, with aggregate goals deciding winners, followed by extra time and penalties if necessary. Seeded teams play the second leg at home in both rounds.

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National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) is the highest league of women's soccer/football in the United States

Founded: 2012

2024 Regular season: 16 March – 3 November

Teams: 14

2024 Expansion teams: Bay FC and Utah Royals (the latter returns)

Rounds: 26

2024 Playoff season: 9 November - 23 November 

Season start: The season is scheduled to begin with the 2024 NWSL Challenge Cup, a Supercup match between the reigning playoff champion (NJ/NY Gotham FC) and NWSL Shield winner San Diego Wave FC, on March 15, 2024. The regular season will begin the following day. The league will pause for a month between July 8 and August 18 for the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Format: The top eight teams in the final standings at the end of the NWSL season qualify for the playoffs and the quarter-finals.

Relegation / Promotion: No relegation / promotion as NWSL is a franchise league 

Current champions 2023: NJ/NY Gotham FC (1st title)

Current NWSL Shield* 2023: San Diego Wave FC (1st shield)

Top Scorer 2023: Sophia Smith (11 goals)

Most championships: Portland Thorns FC (3 titles)

Most NWSL Shields*: OL Reign and North Carolina Courage (3 shields each)

*Annual award given to the team with the best regular season record

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The top women's football league in Sweden

Founded: 1988

League sponsor: OBOS

2024 Season: 13 April - 9 November

Teams: 14 

Match rounds: 26 

Matches played overall: 182 

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: Top three teams 

​Relegation / Promotion: The bottom two teams will be relegated to Elitettan (second division) from which the top two teams instead will be promoted from. The third bottom-placed team from Damallsvenskan will play play-offs against the third-placed team from Elitettan for a spot in next season's Damallsvenskan

Current champions 2023: Hammarby (2nd title)

Most championships: FC Rosengård (13 titles)

2023 Top scorer: Cathinka Tandberg (19 goals)

Official site >>


The top league of women's football in Denmark

Founded: 1973

League sponsor: Gjensidige

Dates 2023/24 Season:

Autumn season: 25 August - 16 December 2023

Spring season: Pending

Teams: 8

Match rounds Fall season: 14 

Total matches Fall season: 56

Format - Fall season:

Each team meet each other twice, in total 14 match rounds, the top six teams advance to the Championship Round and bottom two teams to Relegation/Qualifying Round, which are played in the spring. 


Format - Spring season:  

The six teams qualified to the Championship Round bring the points from their Fall season with them. All teams meet each other twice (home / away) and the team with the most points is chosen as champion. 

In the Relegation/Qualifying Round, which also takes place in the spring, the two teams face the two top placed teams from Group 1/East and Group 2/West, from the 1st division (Kvinde 1. division). Thus, they form a pool of six teams, from which the two top placed teams qualify for the Kvindeliga, the season after. The remaining four teams that did not qualify will en up in Kvinde 1. division, the following season.

The qualifying round

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: Top two teams


Current champions 2022-23: HB Køge (3rd title)

Most championships: Brøndby IF (12 titles)

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The top league of women's football in Spain

Founded: 1988

Current champions: Barcelona (8th title)

Most championships: Barcelona (8 titles)

2022-23 Top scorer: Alba Redondo (27 goals)

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: Top three teams 

2023/24 Season: 8 September 2023 - 16 June 2024

Teams: 16

Match rounds: 30

Matches played overall: 240 


Format: Each club plays the others twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents.

At the end of each season, the club with the most points is crowned champion. If points are equal between teams, what determines the winner is:

  1. Goal difference in the matches between the two teams.

  2. Goal difference all matches of the championship.


Relegation: Bottom two teams to Primera Federación Femenina (the second highest division)

Official site >>


The top league of women's football in Norway

Founded: 1984

  • 2000–present (as Toppserien) 

  • 1996–1999 (as Eliteserien) 

  • 1984–1995 (as 1. divisjon)

League sponsor: OBOS

2024 Season dates: 16 March - 19 November

Teams: 10

Match rounds: 27

Matches played overall: 135 (all teams meet each other three times)

Format: The 10 teams play each other three times, in total 27 matches per team. The ninth-placed team will face the second-placed team of 1. divisjon in a two-legged play-off to decide who will play in the Toppserien next season.


UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: Top two teams  


Current champions 2023: Vålerenga (2nd title)


Most championships: LSK Kvinner / Trondheims-Ørn (7 titles each)

2023 Top scorers: Anna Aahjem and Olaug Tvedtens (13 goals each)

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