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Last updated 30 August


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Highest league of women's football in Peru

Founded: 2009

Teams: 13

2021 Regular Season: 29 May - 

Match rounds: 13

Matches in total: 83 (78 + 5 in Playoffs)

2021 Playoffs:

Six teams to the Playoffs

1st and 2nd placed team from regular season go directly to the championship semi-finals. 

4th placed team will face 6th placed team and 3d placed team against 5th from there will be decided the last semifinalists.

The winner qualifies for the Copa Libertadores de Fútbol Femenino

Current champions: Universitario (2019)

2020 season was cancelled

Most championships: JC Sport Girls / Universitario (4 titles each)

Please note:

- In many cases, the stream is GEO-blocked in countries outside the broadcaster territory.

- In many cases, a digital subscription or user authentication with a TV or internet provider will be required.

- Broadcast schedules are subject to change at any time.


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Photo source: Twitter: @ligafemfpf

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