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Last updated 8 August


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Highest league of women's football in Poland

Founded: 1979

2021/22 Regular season dates: 13 August - 13 November

Teams: 12

Match rounds regular season: 11

Format: The 12 teams play each other one time in the regular season. After the regular phase, the teams are divided into a championship and relegation group. Points scored during this stage are added to those of the regular season.

Promotion / Relegation: Bottom two teams from the relegation group descend to I liga (second division) and the top two teams from I liga advance to Ekstraliga.

UWCL qualification: The league champion

Current champion 2020/21: KKS Czarni Sosnowiec (13th title)

Most championships: KKS Czarni Sosnowiec (13 titles)

2020/21 Top scorer: Ewelina Kamczyk (27 goals)

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