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Women's Championship

14 - 27 July

Fans can watch the UEFA Women's U19 European Championship through various broadcast partners worldwide.

Matches will be streamed live on in certain territories.


Partners in Europe and from all over the world will be broadcasting Women's Under-19 EURO.

Find your local broadcast partner(s) below:


Albania: RTSH
Andorra: La Chaine l'Equipe
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sportklub Balkans
Bulgaria (final only): BNT
Croatia: Sportklub Balkans
Denmark: DKDR Sport
France: La Chaine l'Equipe
Germany: DAZN DACH
Israel: Charlton
Kazakhstan: Qazsport
Lithuania: LRT
Malta: PBS
Monaco: La Chaine l'Equipe
Montenegro: Sportklub Balkans
Netherlands: NOS
North Macedonia: Sportklub Balkans
Norway: NRK TV
Poland: TVP
Portugal: Canal 11RTP Portugal
Republic of Ireland: RTE Ireland
Romania: TVR
Serbia: Sportklub Balkans
Slovenia: Sportklub Balkans
Spain: TVE Spain
United Kingdom: BBC TV Sport

Outside Europe

Algeria: beIN Sports MENA
American Samoa: VIX
Bahrain: beIN Sports MENA
Benin: New World TV
Burkina Faso: New World TV
Burundi: New World TV
Cameroon: New World TV
Central African Republic: New World TV
Chad: beIN Sports MENANew World TV
Comoros: New World TV
Congo Republic: New World TV
Democratic Republic of Congo: New World TV
Djibouti: beIN Sports MENANew World TV
Egypt: beIN Sports MENA
French Guyana: La Chaine l'Equipe
French Polynesia: La Chaine l'Equipe
French Southern and Antarctic Lands: La Chaine l'Equipe
Gabon: New World TV
Guadeloupe: La Chaine l'Equipe
Guam: VIX
Iran: beIN Sports MENA
Iraq: beIN Sports MENA
Ivory Coast: New World TV
Jordan: beIN Sports MENA
Kuwait: beIN Sports MENA
Lebanon: beIN Sports MENA
Libya: beIN Sports MENA
Madagascar: New World TV
Mali: New World TV
Mariana Islands: VIX
Martinique: La Chaine l'Equipe
Mauritania: beIN Sports MENANew World TV
Mauritius: La Chaine l'EquipeNew World TV
Mayotte: La Chaine l'Equipe
Midway: VIX
Morocco: beIN Sports MENA
New Caledonia: La Chaine l'Equipe
Niger: New World TV
Oman: beIN Sports MENA
Palestine (Gaza strip and West Bank): beIN Sports MENA
Puerto Rico: VIX
Qatar: beIN Sports MENA
Republic of Guinea: New World TV
Réunion: La Chaine l'Equipe
Rwanda: New World TV
Saudi Arabia: beIN Sports MENA
Senegal: New World TV
Seychelles: New World TV
Somalia: beIN Sports MENA
South Sudan: beIN Sports MENA
St Bart: La Chaine l'Equipe
St Martin: La Chaine l'Equipe
St Pierre and Miquelon: La Chaine l'Equipe
Sudan: beIN Sports MENA
Syria: beIN Sports MENA
Togo: New World TV
Tunisia: beIN Sports MENA
US Virgin Islands: VIX
United Arab Emirates: beIN Sports MENA
United States: VIX
Wallis and Futuna: La Chaine l'Equipe
Yemen: beIN Sports MENA

The 2024 UEFA Women's Under-19 European Championship will be held in Lithuania from July 14 to 27.

Group A

- Lithuania (hosts): Making their first final tournament appearance, they qualified automatically as hosts.

- Serbia: Qualified as Group A7 winners, marking their second appearance since 2012.

- France: Five-time champions, they dominated their qualifiers without conceding a goal.

- *England: Winners in 2009, they aim to break a streak of not advancing past the group stage since 2013.


Group B

- Netherlands: Champions in 2014, featuring a strong squad, they reached the semi-finals last year.

- Republic of Ireland: Qualified for the second time, last appearing in 2014.

- Spain (holders): Reigning champions and five-time winners, they have a robust history in this competition.

- Germany: Record six-time winners and consistent finalists, they bring a formidable team to the tournament.


Tournament Structure


- Group Stage: Matches on July 15, 18, and 21.

- Semi-finals: Scheduled for July 24.

- Final: Takes place on July 27.



Group Stage Fixtures (Times are local = GMT+3)

Group A:

- July 14: France vs Serbia (13:00, Jonava) | Lithuania vs England (16:00, Kaunas)

- July 17: Serbia vs England (13:00, Marijampolé) | Lithuania vs France (17:00, Kaunas)

- July 20: Serbia vs Lithuania (17:00, Kaunas) | England vs France (17:00, Jonava)


Group B:

- July 15: Spain vs Republic of Ireland (13:00, Marijampolé) | Netherlands vs Germany (17:00, Jonava)

- July 18: Republic of Ireland vs Germany (13:00, Jonava) | Netherlands vs Spain (17:00, Marijampolé)

- July 21: Republic of Ireland vs Netherlands (13:00, Marijampolé) | Germany vs Spain (13:00, Jonava)


Knockout Stage

- Semi-finals: July 24 in Marijampolé and Kaunas

- Final: July 27 at Darius And Girenas Stadium, Kaunas




- Darius and Girenas Stadium, Kaunas

- Jonava Stadium, Jonava

- Marijampolé Stadium, Marijampolé

Records, Facts, and Figures


The UEFA Women's Under-19 European Championship boasts a rich history of competitive matches, standout performances, and impressive records. Here's a breakdown of some key highlights:



- Recent Winners: Spain has dominated recently, winning in 2023, 2022, 2018, and 2017.

- Record Winners: Germany leads with six titles since the tournament's inception.


Biggest Wins

- Qualifying Round: Switzerland's 23-0 victory over Georgia in 2015/16.

- Final Tournament: Germany's 9-0 win against Belarus in 2008/09.


op Scorers

- Season Record: Stina Blackstenius (Sweden) scored 20 goals in 2014/15.

- All-time: Elena Danilova (Russia) holds the record with 33 goals across all matches.


Most Appearances

- Teams: Germany has made 19 appearances.

- Players: Nahikari García (Spain) holds the record for most final tournament appearances with 15.


Highest Attendances

- Final: The 2015 final between Spain and Sweden saw 7,230 spectators.


These records highlight the growing popularity and competitive spirit of the Women's Under-19 EURO, showcasing the talent of young female footballers across Europe.

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