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Last updated 5 September

* All matches in the Liga BPI the 2021-22 season will be broadcast on TV / streaming platform, on any of the mention platforms above. Besides that - games will also be available to all other clubs in the league that wish to broadcast live on their platforms. So far:


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Highest league of women's football in Portugal

Founded: 1993

League sponsor: Banco BPI

Current champion 2020-21: Benfica (1st title) 

Most championships: S.U. 1º de Dezembro (12 titles)

2021-22 Season dates: 4 September - 

Teams: 16 teams distributed in two groups, distributed according to their geographic location.

Format: The league is divided in two phases. 

  1. In first phase and in each group, all clubs play against each other once, according to a draw. Then the four best classified teams in each group qualify for the "Championship Round" in the second phase. The remaining eight clubs qualify for "Relegation Round" in the second phase.

  2. In the second phase:

    • Championship Round - The eight clubs play against each other two times (home / away) and by points in the end of the season determines the league champions. All clubs in this group ensure continuation in Liga BPI in the following season.

    • Relegation Round - The group is played in the same way and in end of season the first two classified teams ensure continuation in Liga BPI following season. The bottom one classified team relegate to Campeonato Nacional II Divisão. The clubs classified 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th place compete in a play-off together with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th classified in Campeonato Nacional II Divisão.  The winner of that play-off ensure the continuation in Liga BPI following season. The remaining seven clubs participate in Campeonato Nacional II Divisão the following season. 

UEFA Women's Champions League  Qualification: The league champions

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