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Kvindeliga 2023/24


NOTE: For specific details on games, go to TV broadcaster's listings.

Matches can be watched:

DENMARK: Viaplay All matches

DENMARK: TV3 Sport One match per round

ESTONIA: Viaplay​ All matches

FINLAND: Viaplay​ All matches

ICELAND: Viaplay​ All matches

LATVIA: Viaplay​ All matches

LITHUANIA: Viaplay​ All matches

NORWAY: Viaplay​ All matches

SWEDEN: Viaplay​ All matches


Highest league of women's football in Denmark

Founded: 1973

League sponsor: Gjensidige

Dates 2023/24 Season:

Autumn season: 25 August - 16 December 2023

Spring season: Pending

Teams: 8

Match rounds Fall season: 14 

Total matches Fall season: 56

Format - Fall season:

Each team meet each other twice, in total 14 match rounds, the top six teams advance to the Championship Round and bottom two teams to Relegation/Qualifying Round, which are played in the spring. 


Format - Spring season:  

The six teams qualified to the Championship Round bring the points from their Fall season with them. All teams meet each other twice (home / away) and the team with the most points is chosen as champion. 

In the Relegation/Qualifying Round, which also takes place in the spring, the two teams face the two top placed teams from Group 1/East and Group 2/West, from the 1st division (Kvinde 1. division). Thus, they form a pool of six teams, from which the two top placed teams qualify for the Kvindeliga, the season after. The remaining four teams that did not qualify will en up in Kvinde 1. division, the following season.

The qualifying round

UEFA Women's Champions League Qualification: Top two teams


Current champions 2022-23: HB Køge (3rd title)

Most championships: Brøndby IF (12 titles)

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