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5: Liga MX Femenil 2023/24, Clausura Kick off (Mexico)

7: Supercoppa Italiana Femminile: Roma vs Juventus (Italy)

13-14: Copa de la Reina - Round of 16 (Spain)

13-14: Women's FA Cup - 4th round (England)

14: Coupe de France Féminine - Round of 32 (France)

16-18: Coppa Italia Femminile - Quarterfinals Leg 1 (Italy)

16-17 & 20: Supercopa de España Femenina (Spain)

19 & 21: SWPL Cup - Semifinals (Scotland)

24: Indian Women's League, Top-of-the-table clash; Kickstart FC vs Odisha FC (India)

24-25: FA Women's League Cup - Game Week 5 (England)

24-25: UEFA Women's Champions League, Matchday 5 (International)

25: A-League Women, Top Game; Melbourne City vs Western United (Australia)

27-28: Coupe de France Féminine - Round of 16 (France)

29: Serie A Femminile - Top game; Juventus (#2) vs Fiorentina (#3) (Italy)

30-31: UEFA Women's Champions League, Matchday 6 (International)

Besides the above mentioned, several top women's leagues resume; D1 Arkema, Liga, F, Frauen-Bundesliga, Barclays Women's Super League, Serie A Femminile to mention a few




Highest league of women's football in Mexico

Founded: 2016 (first season 2017)

Sponsor: BBVA

Current season: 2023/24

Apertura* season: 14 July - 6 November 2023

Play-off "Liguilla": 9 - 27 November 2023

(Clausura* season: Pending)

Teams: 18

Rounds: 17 

Knockout Stage: The top eight teams qualify to the knockout stage called 'Liguilla'

Quarter-finals, semi-finals and final are played with a two-legged system; a home + away game for each team

Total Matches: 167 (153 + 14 playoffs)


Current champion (2022 Apertura): Tigres UANL (5th title)

Current champion (2023 Clausura): Club América (2nd title)


Top goal scorer 2022 Apertura: Mia Fishel 17 goals)

Top goal scorer 2023 Clausura: Charlyn Corral (20 goals)

Most championships all seasons: Tigres UANL (5 titles)

*The Apertura and Clausura tournaments is a split season format common for many Latin American football leagues in which the season is divided in two sections per season (Apertura + Clausura) each with its own champion.

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Competition in Italy played between the winner of the Serie A Femminile and the winner of Coppa Italia Femminile

First edition: 1997

Most successful club: Torres (7 titles)

Current cup holders (2022): Roma

Date for the 2023 version: 7 January 2024

2023 teams: Roma (1st place in Serie A Femminile 2022-2023) vs Juventus (Coppa Italia Femminile winner 2022-2023)

2023 Venue: Giovanni Zini stadium in Cremona

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The 2023/24 Copa de la Reina is the 41st edition

Defending champions: Atlético Madrid

Teams: 48

Format: All ties are played in a single-match decider at the home ground of the lower division opponent, except for the semi-finals which will be a two-legged match.


  • First round: 13 September 2023

  • Second round: 10-11 October 2023

  • Third round: 7-9 November 2023

  • Round of 16: 13-14 January 2024

  • Quarter-finals: 7-8 February 2024

  • Semi-finals: 5 March (1st leg) & 13 March (2nd leg) 2024

  • Final: 18 May 2024

Final venue: Yet to be named


The Women's FA Cup is the annual cup tournament for women's clubs in England


Sponsor: Adobe


Founded: 1970 


Previous names: WFA Cup, FA Women's Cup and now Women's FA Cup (Adobe Women's FA Cup for sponsorship reasons)


Most titles: Arsenal (14 titles)


Reigning champions 2022-23: Chelsea (5th title) 


Teams participating 2023-24 season: 456, increase of 18 from previous year



First round qualifying: Teams from lowest leagues enter

Second round qualifying: Tier 5 teams enter

Third round qualifying: The 48 teams in the FA Women's National League Division One (tier 4) enter

First round: Teams in the Northern and Southern Premier Divisions (tier 3) enter

Second round: ...

Third round: The 12 teams from the Women's Championship enter 

Fourth round: The 12 Women's Super League teams enter


2024 Final venue: Wembley Stadium, London (11 or 12 May)


Prize money: A combined total prize fund for the competition is £6m, compared to around £3m previous year

Official site >>


The French Women's Cup, founded in 2001 as Challenge de France, the competition was renamed as Coupe de France féminine from the 2011–12 season

Lyon - winner 2022/23

Lyon - 10 titles

2023/24 CALENDAR

  • Round of 32: Sunday January 14, 2024 (entrance of D1 Arkema clubs)

  • Draw for the Round of 16 : Monday January 15, 2024

  • Round of 16: Sunday January 28, 2024

  • Quarter-final draw: Monday January 29, 2024

  • Quarter-finals: Wednesday February 14, 2024

  • Semi-final draw: Friday February 16, 2024

  • Semi-finals: Sunday March 10, 2024

  • Final: Saturday May 4, 2024 (venue to be determined)

Official site >>


The Italian Women's Cup was first held in 1971 and is a competition reserved for Serie A Femminile and Serie B Femminile clubs.


The winner of the cup will challenge the Italian league champions team in the Italian Super Cup; 'Supercoppa Italiana Femminile'.


The 2023-2024 edition is the 52nd edition and started on September 3, 2023 and will end in 2024 (Date TBA). 26 teams ( 10 from Serie A  Femminile and 16 from Serie B Femminile ) officially participate.

From the 2023-24 season, the adoption of a new format has been approved:

  • Preliminary round: the last 4 teams in the ranking, from 23rd to 26th position, are paired following a predetermined scheme ( Game 1: 23rd vs 26th; Game 2: 24th vs 25th) before facing each other in a direct elimination round with single matches. The 2 winning teams advance to the round of 32 .

  • Round of 32: the two winners of the preliminary round join the 14 teams from 9th to 22nd place in the ranking for the round of 32 scheduled in a single match at the home of the team worst positioned in the ranking.

  • Round of 16: the 8 winners of the round of 32 reach the top eight teams in the ranking for the round of 16 , also scheduled for a single match and at the home of the worst placed team in the ranking.

  • Quarter-finals and Semi-finals: the 8 teams qualified from the round of 16 compete in home and away matches, according to the pairings on the scoreboard, in two successive rounds which determine the finalists. The second leg of the quarter-finals and semi-finals is played at the home of the best placed team in the ranking.

  • Final: the 2 finalists compete for the title in a single match on a neutral pitch.

Current champions: Juventus (3 titles)

Most successful club: Torres (8 titles)

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An annual competition for clubs in Spain that were successful in its major competitions in the preceding season. From 1997 to 2000, four editions of the Supercopa were played between the winners of the League and the Copa de la Reina. The competition was re-instated in 2019 and would expand to four teams instead.


The competition will feature both finalists of the 2022–23 Copa de la Reina, as well as the next two highest-ranked clubs at the 2022–23 Liga F that had not already qualified through the cup final.

Teams and Method of qualification:

  • Barcelona    2022–23 Liga F winner

  • Atlético Madrid    2022–23 Copa de la Reina winner

  • Real Madrid    2022–23 Copa de la Reina runner-up

  • Levante    2022–23 Liga F third

Current champions:

Barcelona (3rd title)

Most successful club:

Barcelona (3 titles)

All previous winners:

1997- San Vicente

1998 – Málaga

1999 - Eibar

2000 – Levante

2020 – Barcelona

2021 – Atlético Madrid

2022 – Barcelona

2023 – Barcelona


The Scottish Women's Premier League Cup, currently known as the Sky Sports Cup due to sponsorship and commonly shortened to the SWPL Cup.

2002/03 (Kilmarnock first winner)

Hibernian (7 titles)

Rangers (1st title)

The cup is open only to the teams in the Scottish Women's Premier League. 

1st round: 3 September 2023
2nd round: 1 October 2023
Quarter-finals: 12 November 2023
Semi-finals: 19 & 21 January 2024
Final: 24 March 2024

Official site >>


The annual cup tournament in England for clubs from Women's Super League and Women's Championship

Known as the FA Women's Continental League Cup for sponsorship reasons

Sponsor: Continental

Nick name: Conti Cup

Founded: 2011

Most successful club: Arsenal (6 titles)


Reigning champions 2022-23: Arsenal (6th title) 

Teams participating 2022-23 season: All 24 teams from the Women's Super League and Women's Championship

Official site >>




23rd since the UEFA Women's Cup was founded in 2001. The 14th edition since the rebranding to the UEFA Women's Champions League in 2009. And it is the third edition to feature a 16-team, home-and-away group stage.


  • The top six nations are handed three spots (France, Germany, Spain, England, Sweden, Czech Republic).

  • The associations ranked 7–16 will enter with two clubs (Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Norway, Scotland, Belarus, Ukraine, Austria).

  • The remaining associations will enter with one team each. 

Four teams qualify directly to the group stage:

  1. The defending UWCL champions

  2. The league champions from the nations ranked 1 by UEFA coefficient

  3. The league champions from the nations ranked 2 by UEFA coefficient

  4. The league champions from the nations ranked 3 by UEFA coefficient

For all remaining teams who don't automatically qualify for the group stage, two paths will occur:

  1. A champions path (from where 7 teams qualify)

  2. A non-champions 'league' path (from where 5 teams qualify)

The two paths will take place in four-team, predetermined-venue miniature tournaments (one-off semifinals, third place, and final matches) and a second round of paired home-and-away ties.


A double-round-robin group stage with four groups of four - eight teams qualify for the home-and-away quarterfinals.


San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao Spain will stage the final in the last weekend of May 2024.


Olympique Lyonnais (8 titles)


Germany (9 titles)

  • Frankfurt (4)

  • Turbine Potsdam (2)

  • VfL Wolfsburg (2)

  • Duisburg (1)

Official site >>


Highest league of women's football in Italy, fully-professional from the 2022–23 season

Founded: 1968

League sponsor: eBay

Current champion 2022-23: Roma (1st title)

Most championships: Torres (7 titles)

2022-23 Top scorer: Tabitha Chawinga (23 goals)

2023-24 Season dates: 16 September 2023 – May 2024

Teams: 10

Rounds regular season: 18

Format: From the 2022/23 season the format has changed, two phases will take place:

  1. The 10 participating teams face each other in a round-robin tournament with home and away matches for a total of 18 matchdays.

  2. In the second phase the top-five ranked teams qualify to the championship round, while the last-five ranked teams play the relegation round.

Championship / Relegation round:

Each team keeps the points earned from the first phase, into the second phase. In both rounds, the five participating teams face each other in a round-robin tournament with home and away matches for a total of an additional 10 matchdays.

At the end of the second phase, the first ranked in the championship round is crowned champion of Italy and qualifies to the UEFA Women's Champions League alongside the second placed team.

Relegation / Promotion: In the relegation round the last-ranked team is relegated directly to the Serie B, while the second-last team plays the second-placed in the Serie B Femmenile for a place in the Serie A Femminile.

UWCL Qualification: Top two clubs

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