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Final 6 June 13:00 GMT
Servette FC Chênois Féminin - FC Zürich Frauen



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Format Regular Season:

The 10 teams play against each other twice (home / away). The 8 best-placed teams qualify for the playoffs.

Format Playoffs: 

The playoffs start with two-legged quarter-finals (home / away) as follows:

1st vs 8th

2nd vs 7th

3rd vs 6th

4th vs 5th

The four total winners of the quarter-finals reach the semi-finals, which also are played as two-legged (home / away). The winners of the semi-finals play the AWSL final (one game) for the Swiss champion title.

The four losing teams from the quarter-finals play classification games (two legs) to determine places 5 to 8. To determine who play who - all points and goals from the regular season and the play-off games are taken into account.
The final ranks of the losing semi-finalists will be determined with same ranking system. 

Format Promotion / Relegation:

The 2 bottom-placed teams of the Regular season play a promotion / relegation round together with the 2 best-placed teams from Nationalliga B (the 2nd highest division).
All teams play against each other twice. The 2 best-placed teams in the promotion / relegation round stay in / move up to the AWSL. The bottom two clubs stay in / relegate to the Nationalliga B. 

UWCL Qualification: Two teams

  1. The Swiss champion

  2. The winner of the Regular season (if it happens to be the same team as the Swiss champions, the losing team from the AWSL final will grab the second UWCL spot)

Highest league of women's football in Switzerland

Founded: 1970

  • 1970 (as Nationalliga A)

  • 2020 (as Super League)

League sponsor: AXA

Current champion 2020/21: Servette FC

Most championships: FC Zürich Frauen (22 titles)

2020/21 Top scorer: Stefanie de Além da Eira (23 goals)

2021/22 Regular season dates: 12 August - 24 April

Teams: 10

Match rounds Regular season: 18

Total matches Regular season: 90

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Photo sources: Instagram @swiss_womens_football